Master of Technology - Medical Device Innovation

Department of Biomedical Engineering of IIT Hyderabad along with Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) Hyderabad is introducing a course specifically considering the need of innovative medical devices for patients and the need of Indian industry orientation to medical devices. The course, MTech in Medical Device Innovation, is intended for candidates, who passionately feel for finding innovative solutions for the problems faced by current health industry. The students will be trained for finding problem statements in health industry; discuss the solutions among engineers, doctors and designers; and come up with a solution to fulfill the degree requirements. Candidates with industry experience of one year or more or with entrepreneurial inclination will be preferred and are encouraged to apply.

More details to follow soon.

Important information for 2020 MTech-MDI admissions

Link to MTech-MDI brochure.

Link to MTech-MDI curriculum will be updated soon